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(Provisional name) Tokyo Future University new gymnasium construction

Bridge Type, Construction Method, etc
PCaPC method
Construction site
Completion date
November 2019

Construction type Precast PC method
Project name

(Provisional name) Tokyo Future University new gymnasium construction

Ordered by Shimizu Corporation
Scope of work Precast prestressed structure (pillars, beams, slabs)
Construction site Minami-hanahata, Adachi Ward, Tokyo
Construction period February 1 - November 30, 2019

Construction outline

This project involved the construction of a new gymnasium for Tokyo Future University.

Pillar, beam and slab PCa members were manufactured at our plant and assembled on-site.

Assembly was performed using prestress pressure bonding.


Eighteen rows of a curved frame with a span of 25 m were arranged at a pitch of 2.1 m to create a large, innovatively designed space.

In addition, the building frame was erected in two months, thereby contributing to a shortened construction period.


This project made full use of the design innovation and construction period shortening potential which characterizes the PCaPC method.

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