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Aso Choyo-ohashi Bridge Repair

Maintenance & Renewal
Bridge Type, Construction Method, etc
Carbon fiber sheet bonding method
Construction site
Kumamoto Prefecture
Completion date

Name Aso Choyo-ohashi Bridge Repair
Ordered by

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kyushu Regional Development Bureau

Awards Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Tanaka Award; Director’s Award
Construction site Kumamoto Prefecture
Completed 2018

Bridge length

337.0 m
Effective width 11.76 m
Construction outline

This project was part of the disaster recovery work carried out following the Kumamoto Earthquake which struck in April 2016. Emergency repair work was completed in August 2017, and the Choyo-ohashi Bridge route (Sondo Tochi-no-ki Tateno Line), along which the Aso Choyo-ohashi Bridge and Toshita-ohashi Bridge are located, was opened on the 27th of the same month. The Choyo-ohashi Bridge was repaired and reinforced via support and expansion joint replacement, carbon fiber sheet bonding on the upper and lower surfaces, and other methods, and the P3 pier was filled; for the Toshita-ohashi Bridge, main girder replacement was carried out for two spans damaged by slope failure, and accessory replacement was performed for the entire line. Nighttime work, work day and time coordination and other efforts were made in conjunction with the other operators in order to reopen the route as quickly as possible.


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