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Genta Bridge

Maintenance & Renewal
Bridge Type, Construction Method, etc
External cable method
Construction site
Tottori Prefecture
Completion date


Genta Bridge
Ordered by Tottori Prefecture

Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Tanaka Award; Japan Prestressed Concrete Institute (Award for Outstanding Structures)

Construction site Tottori Prefecture
Completed 2014
Bridge length 357.9 m
Effective width 6.5 m
Construction outline

RC16-span continuous cantilever hinge T-girder bridge ⇒ Cantilever hinge girder removal, external cable reinforcement, floor slab reinforcement, support replacement, etc.

The Genta Bridge (completed in April 1951), located on the Inoko Kuniyasu Prefectural Road and spanning the Sendai River, had aged markedly and was also too narrow (W=5.5 m) for large-vehicle opposing traffic to easily pass.

Therefore repair and reinforcement work was performed and the effective width was increased from 5.5 m to 6.5 m.

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