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Komono No. 2 Viaduct

Bridge Type, Construction Method, etc
Extradosed bridges
Construction site
Mie Prefecture
Completion date

Name Komono No. 2 Viaduct
Ordered by NEXCO Central Nippon

Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Tanaka Award

Construction site Mie Prefecture
Completed 2019
Bridge length L=236.0 m, 341.0 m, 526.0 m (main line)
Effective width

9.760 (inbound), 9.810 (outbound)

Construction outline

PRC 5-span continuous box-girder bridge + PRC 3-span continuous ED bridge + PRC 11-span continuous box-girder bridge

PC diagonal member-attached pi-type rigid frame bridge, PRC braced box-girder bridge, PRC 2-key slab girder diagonal member-attached pi-type rigid frame bridge


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