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Shitsumi Dam Shitsumi-ohashi Bridge

Bridge Type, Construction Method, etc
Composite truss bridges
Construction site
Shimane Prefecture
Completion date


Shitsumi Dam Shitsumi-ohashi Bridge

Ordered by

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Chugoku Regional Development Bureau

Awards Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Director’s Award
Construction site Shimane Prefecture
Completed 2005
Bridge length 75 m
Effective width 9.75 m
Construction outline

This is a 5-span continuous composite truss bridge which integrates a composite truss bridge comprised of concrete upper and lower floor slabs and steel web (steel pipe) with PC box girders in a continuous bridge structure.

This was the fifth composite truss bridge to be constructed in Japan and the first in Japan to have this sort of variable cross-section structure, as well as the first in the world to integrate it with PC box girders into a continuous structure.

Because of this, stress measurements were taken at various spots during construction, along with actual loading tests conducted upon bridge completion, thus ensuring during construction that performance and safety requirements were being met.


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