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DM slabs

1. Overview

DM slabs are inverted, T-shaped precast concrete slabs which have thermal insulation on their bottom surface and which are used for the lowest floor. PC steel members inserted into the ribbed sections are used to prestress the slabs.

No-shoring construction is possible with DM slabs; by using them as the 1st-floor slabs which are installed over a pit, it eliminates the need to perform shoring work and form removal work within a narrow pit.

The DM slab method is a revolutionary composite slab method which eliminates the problem of future labor shortages and which enhances productivity by improving the efficiency of foundation work.


DM slab method conceptual diagram


DM slab cross-section


2. Key Features

  • Can be installed without the need for shoring.
  • Eliminates the need to perform shoring work and form removal work within narrow pits, thereby greatly improving the work environment.

  • Makes it possible to shorten the construction period.

  • Adaptable for inserts and sleeves as well.

  • Lightweight DM11 can also be used in VE projects.



3. Production


Before pouring


Just after concrete pouring


After form removal


Stacked up

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