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Partial repair method for concrete slabs

1. Overview

  • This method is used in the reconstruction of RC floor slabs for PC composite girders, which are becoming increasingly apparent in recent years, underneath bridges.

  • Compared with conventional methods, this method shortens the period during which traffic restrictions are in place.

  • This method is suited to replacing just localized deterioration rather than total replacement.



2. NETIS Registration / Patent

  • Patent No. 5958907 Partial repair method for existing concrete floor slabs (joint patent of West Nippon Expressway Company Limited and West Nippon Expressway Engineering Chugoku Co., Ltd.)


3. Key Features

  • Ensures work can be performed safely by temporarily restoring the removed floor slab with a temporary covering panel.

  • Fully capitalizes on ability to carry out work from underneath the bridge, thereby minimizing the impact on traffic.


4. Catalogs & Technical Reports

  • [Paper] Masaki SUGIE, Toshinori YASUZATO, Masato FUKUDA, Suguru TOKUMITSU: Construction Test of Partial Rebuild of Concrete Slab from the Bottom Side; Proceedings of the Concrete Structure Scenarios, JSMS, Vol. 19, pp. 527-530, 2019.10

  • [Paper] Fumika NAKAMURA, Masato FUKUDA, Toshinori YASUZATO, Suguru TOKUMITSU: Experimental Study of Temporary Covering Plate Joined by Prestress for Repair Road Bridge Deck Slab; Proceedings of the 27th JPCI Symposium on Development in Prestressed Concrete, pp73-78, 2018.11

  • [Paper] Suguru TOKUMITSU, Takayuki MATSUI, Kazuaki YOKOYAMA, Masanori SUZUKI: Study of Concrete Floor Slab Partial Replacement Methods Utilizing Covering Panels, Japan Society of Civil Engineers 69th Annual Meeting, pp161-162, 2014.9

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