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PC tanks

1. Overview

PC tanks are concrete container structures with improved watertightness due to having undergone prestressing via installation of PC steel members in order to make them resistant to cracking due to water pressure and concrete drying shrinkage. The diameter and height of a tank depends upon the amount of PC steel used, making it possible to construct tanks of any volume, from small to large.

Because they are highly safe and cost-efficient, PC tanks are widely utilized for public waterworks and agricultural tanks, as well as for everything from oil and LNG tanks to nuclear reactor containment vessels.



(1) Bottom slab construction (earthwork)

(2) Bottom slab construction (rebar/PC assembly)

(3) Side wall construction (rebar/PC/form assembly)

(4) PC tensioning

(5) Roof construction

(6) Completed


2. Key Features

  • The addition of compressive force via prestressing improves water and air-tightness.
  • The PC construction allows the walls to be thinner, which means even a large-volume tank is affordable.
  • Excellent seismic resistance.
  • Structurally, both the height and diameter are arbitrary, allowing for a structural design to be chosen which suits the surrounding environment and ensures excellent aesthetics.
  • Using precast members for the roof and side wall helps to ensure higher quality and saves on on-site labor and construction time.


3. Our Construction

  • Takamiya Purification Plant No. 2 Elevated Water Distribution Reservoir construction
  • Zakimi No. 2 Distribution Reservoir

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