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PC pavement

1. Overview

  • PC pavement utilizes prestressing of the concrete pavement slabs in advance in order to reduce the tensile stress produced in the concrete pavement slabs by the traffic load. A key characteristic of PC pavement is that slabs can be made thinner, even for heavy loads, thanks to the effects of prestressing them. It also does not form cracks, giving it outstanding durability and reducing the amount of maintenance required.
  • PC pavement is primarily used in locations which are subject to heavy and sustained loads, such as airport aprons and port container haulage channels and container storage sites.

During improvement work on the Fukuoka Airport apron


2. Key Features

  • Outstanding durability due to the fact that it does not tolerate cracking.
  • Uses less resources as the introduction of prestress allows slabs to made thinner.
  • Less rutting and damage compared with asphalt pavement, thereby making it more economical due to reduced maintenance costs.
  • Because precast slabs are used, the on-site construction period can be greatly reduced, making it well suited to rapid construction projects.


3. Our Construction

  • Fukuoka Airport apron improvement work (secondary)


4. Catalogs, Technical Reports, Associations, Other

  • PC Pavement Research Association

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