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FR slab method

1. Overview

FR slabs are inverted, T-shaped, ribbed precast concrete slabs which are flat on their bottom surface and ribbed on their top surface. PC steel members inserted into the ribbed sections are used to prestress the slabs. The FR slab method is a half-precast composite floor slab construction method which involves laying FR slabs atop a beam formwork, arranging top reinforcements and then pouring cast-in-place concrete to integrate everything together. It is an environmentally friendly ecological product due to the fact that it does not utilize wooden formwork during production at the plant, nor during on-site construction.

2. Key Features

Allows for freedom in planning without being constrained by binding joist positioning.

Using FR void slabs allows for reduced slab weight.

Because the bottom surface is flat, direct finishing on the ceiling is possible.

Because prestress is introduced, there is little long-term flexure due to creep.

Using FRS slabs allows for adaptation to floor level differences, such as around water.


3. Construction

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