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FC slab method

1. Overview

FC slabs are precast concrete slabs with a channel-shaped cross section, and prestress is introduced into four PC steel members installed in the ribbed section.

The FC slab method is a half-precast composite floor slab construction method which involves installing top reinforcement over FC slabs installed between beams and then pouring cast-in-place concrete to integrate everything together. The rough top surface integrates with the cast-in-place concrete to create a strong, load-resistant, composite slab.

FC slabs can be installed without the use of shoring, thereby reducing the amount of on-site work involved.


2. Key Features

  • Long span construction is possible without the need for shoring.
  • Because prestress is introduced, there is little long-term flexure and cracks do not form.
  • Allows for less rebar and concrete to be used.
  • Thin-walled sections can be easily notched or drilled with a concrete cutter.
  • Offers sufficient resilience under excessive loads.


Performance testing



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