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Smile damper frame (vibration control reinforcement)

This external construction method of vibration control reinforcement reduces building response to vibration through a dampening effect produced by a reinforced frame composed of a cast-in-place foundation, pillars, beams and braces, which serve as stress-transmitting members, and having built-in diamond-type slit dampers.


Smile damper frame key features

  • Compared with seismic strengthening methods, the reinforcement structural plane can be made 30-50% smaller.*1


  • Because the diamond-type slit dampers utilize only steel sheeting, it makes this method more affordable when compared with general methods of vibration control reinforcement.


  • When evaluating the seismic resistance of reinforced buildings, it is possible to perform evaluation using a seismic structural index (Is) which takes into consideration damper energy absorption allows for reinforcement design for secondary and tertiary diagnoses) without needing advanced time history response analysis.

  *1 Comparison with Fuji P.S seismic strengthening methods


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