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Parallel frame construction method

This construction method integrates a new foundation beam and precast reinforcing pillars, along with diagonally placed PC steel members and a tensioned frame (parallel frame), to the exterior surface of an existing building.

The foundation section is joined using post-installed anchors, while parallel frame beams and existing beam members are pressure bonded using PC steel rods.


Parallel frame key features

  • Reinforcement does not require an interior layout and can be carried out while the building is still being occupied.
  • Because the PC steel members are thin, the frame does not interfere with ventilation, natural illumination or the view of the outside.
  • Because PCa members are used, the construction period is shorter, involves less noise and produces high quality.


Joint development with Kajima Corporation.

Nishikigaoka Junior High School, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture


9th JICE Awards    Excellence Award

Sakamoto Elementary School, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture

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