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Precast PC floor slab replacement method

1. Overview

  • Expressways are important road infrastructure supporting the daily life and socio-economic activity of everyone living in Japan, and, moreover, they play in an important role in ensuring people’s safety and security, such as by serving as urgent transport routes when there are disasters. The average age of bridges is 25 to 30 years, and their deterioration due to such factors as fatigue caused by increased traffic and salt-related damage from the salinity in the air and the spraying of antifreezing agent is becoming apparent. It is because of this situation that large-scale renewal and repair work is being carried out on expressways.
  • The precast PC floor slab replacement method is a renewal method which increases the durability of deteriorated steel bridges by replacing their RC floor slabs.


2. Key Features

  • Because the precast PC floor slabs are manufactured in a plant, they are of higher quality.
  • By preventing cracks from forming in the concrete (PC structure), durability is enhanced.
  • The use of products manufactured in a plant helps to shorten the on-site process, thus shortening the duration of traffic restrictions and, in turn, reducing the socio-economic impact.


3. Our Construction

  • Chugoku Expressway (Specified Renewal) Honmura River Bridge floor slab replacement work
  • Okinawa Expressway Yaka No. 1 Viaduct (outbound line) floor slab replacement work
  • Chuo Expressway Torikoboshi River Bridge floor slab repair work
  • Okinawa Expressway Kohenzoko Bridge floor slab repair work


4. Catalogs, Technical Reports, Associations, Other

  • [Technical Report] No.18 Floor Slab Replacement

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