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Surface protection method

1. Overview

  • The surface protection method involves applying coating material or impregnating material to existing concrete surfaces to help prevent intrusion of elements which cause corrosive degradation. The surface protection method includes a surface coating method and surface impregnation method.

Before application

After application


2. Key Features

  • The surface coating method involves coating an existing concrete surface with a new protective layer that inhibits and prevents intrusion of elements which cause deterioration. It is also used to prevent concrete exfoliation as well as to restore appearance and aesthetics.
  • The surface impregnation method involves coating an existing concrete surface with an impregnating material that modifies the concrete surface layer to inhibit intrusion of elements which cause deterioration and/or to imbue it with new properties.
  • Surface protection method performance is greatly affected by surface dirt and wetness, as well as humidity. Thus, it is essential to not only ensure a reliable coating thickness is applied but, also, that temperature and humidity are managed during work to ensure the material performs as intended.


3. Our Construction

  • Shiota Bridge bridge maintenance work

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