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Section repair method

1. Overview

The section repair method involves removing deteriorated sections of concrete and restoring those sections with section repair material which prevents negative effects like corrosive degradation of the steel material inside the concrete. The section repair method includes a plastering method, filling method and spraying method, and the method to be used is determined based on the size of the repair area, whether there is section molding, etc.

Plastering method

Spraying method (dry)


2. Key Features

  • The plastering method does not use any concrete form but, instead, relies on a workman who plasters the section with repair material using a metal or wooden trowel. This method is suited to situations where the sections to be repaired are small and dotted around.


  • The filling method utilizes a concrete form into which a fluid section repair material, shrinkage-compensating mortar, etc., is injected. This method is suited to situation where the section to be repaired is relatively large. The filling method can be achieved using a mortar injection method, prepacked method or other such method.


  • The spraying method involves using compressed air to spray the section repair material, and it is suited to upward or lateral-facing section repair work, such as for relatively large sections on the undersides of floor slabs or beams. The spraying method is divided into a dry-spraying method and wet-spraying method.


3. Our Construction

  • Okinawa Expressway Yaka No. 2 Viaduct bridge repair work

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