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PC cable-stayed bridges

1. Overview

  • PC cable-stayed bridges are comprised of a main tower, diagonal members and a main girder, with the multiple diagonal members stretching out diagonally to left and right of the main tower, attaching to and supporting the main girder.
    In order to take advantage of the characteristics of PC bridges, PC steel members running from the main tower are arranged with a high degree of eccentricity, thereby enabling lengthening of the bridge span.
    It is also possible to lengthen the span by widening the placement of the diagonal members, resulting in bridges with a span length of more than 200m, and it is possible to reduce girder height by increasing the number of diagonal members.

  • Because there is a high degree of design freedom with regard to diagonal member arrangement and main tower shape, this type of bridge can be easily adapted for aesthetic considerations and can even itself become known and used as a landmark. The method of construction involves the use of stationary scaffolding and cantilever erection.



2. Key Features​

  • Makes span lengthening possible.

  • Girder height can be reduced, ensuring significant undergirder space.

  • Because there is a high degree of design freedom with regard to diagonal member arrangement, main tower shape, etc., it can be easily adapted for aesthetic considerations.



3. Our Construction

Kakkaku Sazanami-ohashi Bridge


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