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Composite truss bridges

1. Overview

  • Composite truss bridges utilize steel truss members in place of concrete box-girder web in order to achieve a lighter structure.



2. Key Features

  • Compared with purely concrete box girders, the weight of the main girders is less, lessening the load not only on the bridge girders (superstructure) but also on the piers, abutments, foundations (substructure).

  • Because the main girder weight is less, the span can be made longer.

  • Replacing concrete box girder web with steel members contributes to more streamlined construction, a shortened construction period and greater cost-efficiency.

  • Using steel truss members makes the bridge more ‘see-though,’ greatly reducing its obtrusiveness and helping it to blend in better with the surrounding environment.



3. Our Construction

Shitsumi Dam Shitsumi-ohashi Bridge superstructure work


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