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Pre-tension web bridges

1. Overview

  • The pre-tension web method involves replacing cast-in-place PC box-girder bridge web with pre-tensioned precast members to construct composite girders.




2. Key Features

  • The use of pre-tension web ensures high shear resistance, and decreasing the thickness of the web contributes to a decrease in main girder weight.

  • Reduced main girder weight contributes to a reduction in the size and scale of the erection equipment and understructure, thereby helping to lower overall bridge construction costs.

  • Because the web can be manufactured in a factory where there is thorough quality control, this helps to ensure higher quality and durability.

  • Because there is no need for formwork or concrete pouring in order to create the web, this contributes to significant labor savings on-site.


3. Our Construction

  • No. 2 Meishin Expressway Kirigataki Bridge (PC superstructure work) inbound line construction

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