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Precast segment box-girder bridges

1. Overview

  • The precast segment method involves dividing the bridge girders into several blocks, transporting the precast members (segments) from the plant or on-site yard where they are manufactured to the construction site, and then prestressing and integrating them together at their position in the bridge.
  • Box-girder bridges made using the precast segment method use the bridge girders, which are box girder cross sections, as segments, prestressing and then sequentially joining them at their designated positions within the bridge to complete it. Large-scale construction projects which need to minimize the on-site construction period are the sorts of projects for which this method is utilized, as it is an effective method when faced with various on-site restrictions, a shortage of experienced engineers and technical staff due to an aging population and low birthrate and the need to reduce concrete forms and other materials.

During cantilever erection of the Irabu-ohashi Bridge



2. Key Features

  • Segment manufacturing and on-site work can proceed in tandem, thereby greatly shortening the on-site construction period.

  • Segments are manufactured at plants or on-site production yards, thereby greatly facilitating quality control and producing higher quality.

  • The use of large equipment and erection machinery for large-scale construction and high-volume segment manufacturing and erection can help to save labor, streamline operations and provide significant cost benefits.


3. Our Construction

  • No. 2 Meishin Expressway Suzuka Viaduct (PC superstructure work) inbound line construction

  • Irabu-ohashi Bridge (3rd of four construction periods)

  • No. 2 Meishin Expressway Nabeta Viaduct (PC superstructure work) inbound line construction

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